Successful succession: Milchhof Hallschlag GbR takes over largest dairy farm in Rhineland-Palatinate

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The newly founded Milchhof Hallschlag GbR owned by the Lauwen farming family, which already runs a dairy and vegetable farm in the Netherlands, will continue to run the business in the spirit of the previous owners; Walter and Andrea Collas – especially with regard to the special requirements of appropriate animal husbandry.

The business now taken over by Milchhof Hallschlag GbR is not only one of the largest of its kind in Rhineland-Palatinate. With over 7.6 meters of space for each cow to move around and lie down, indoor and outdoor feeding troughs and optimum ventilation, it is also one of the most modern in terms of comfort, rest and space for the animals in the stable.

This represents a »huge challenge« for son, Koen Lauwen, who has taken over the management and wants to ensure that the »excellently run business maintains the same high level«. The experienced farmer, however, believes that he is up to the challenge. And he can rely on the support and experience of the Collas’, who are happy to have found a qualified successor with the help of Landlords Agrar Immobilien.

Die Milchhof Hallschlag GbR in der Vulkaneifel mit über 400 Milchkühen und 330 Hektar landwirtschaftlicher Nutzfläche
Milchhof Hallschlag GbR in the Vulkaneifel with over 400 dairy cows and 330 hectares of agricultural land