Friend and partner to agriculture for more than 25 years

Landlords Agrar Immobilien - Freund und Partner der Landwirtschaft seit über 25 Jahren

Personality and commitment as a sustainable recipe for success

A person’s word still counts here: nobody knows this better than Heino Harms. For more than 25 years, the economist has been mediating farms and estates throughout Germany and the Netherlands. He advises farmers and investors whether to buy or sell, or to start-up, move and expand agricultural businesses: in every size and orientation. With uninterrupted success, as impressively proven by the history of the flourishing business.

Whether the purchase, sale or expansion of a farm or estate, the expert knows that the demand for expert advice is high. “It simply isn’t available online. Personal commitment is needed”, he says sharing his experience, which is confirmed again and again in contact with his customers. After all, often it is not just purely economic considerations that play a role, but also legal, tax and social aspects that need to be considered. The task is often complex.

With his service company founded in 1991 under the name BBP Agrar Service, Heino Harms and his partners provide all the support that is required. And in every phase. Not just when it comes to searches, viewing, decision-making and processing, but also downstream, when operations start and new decisions are made. This is his recipe for success, which he now intends to intensify and expand with the relaunch of the previous corporate image for the new umbrella brand LANDLORDS®.